AutoEnginuity ScanTool Installation

13. August, 2012

Ford Mod Installations

IMPORTANT: Before starting installation, please be sure that all items which were supplied with the kit are accounted for.

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The ScanTool Package Consists of:

-AutoEnginuity Software
-AutoEnginuity OBD‐II Interface (ST06)
-USB 2.0 Interface and Cable
-User Guide
-Quick Installation Guide
-Enhanced Activation Instructions (Blue Paper)

Installation Instructions:

1)Insert the AutoEnginuity CD‐Rom into your computers CD/DVD Drive.

2) The Set‐up program will begin the installation process automatically. If it does not start automatically just navigate to the CD/DVD drive and double click on the Install/Setup.exe file.

3) Select Next, (Fig. 1) then accept the terms and conditions.

4) Enter your information or your shop information into the next screen. (This can be edited later also) (Fig. 2)

5) Select Complete for the installation. (Fig. 3)

6) Click Install.

7) Once complete, click Finish.

8) Feature Activation (Ford Enhanced) can be done by selecting Help from the tool bar, then choose Feature Activation. (Fig.4)

9) The Supported Features screen will show which enhanced packages you have purchased previously. It will show “Activated or Not Activated” (Fig. 5)

10) Click on the Activate button to input your Activation Numbers from the Enhanced Activation Instruction Sheet (Blue Paper) (Fig. 6)

11) Now input the information from the Enhanced Activation Instruction Sheet (Blue Paper) (Fig. 7)

12) Input the Hardware ID Code (this is also located on the OBD‐II Connector) (Fig. 7)

13) Input the Activation Number into the space provided (Fig. 7)

14) Click the OK Button at the top. (Fig. 7)

15) Once complete, restart AutoEnginuity Software. Do not restart your computer until you restart AutoEnginuity and ensure the activation code is stored.

16) Verify the Enhanced feature is turned on, by clicking Help in the toolbar, then Feature Activation. You should see the version you purchased shows “Activated.”


Special thanks to Ken (Woodnthings on FTE) for pictures and instructions.

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