Anti Surge Compressor Wheel Installation

7. August, 2012

Ford Mod Installations

IMPORTANT: Before starting installation, please be sure that all items which were supplied with the kit are accounted for.

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Required Parts:

Borg Warner Anti Sure Compressor Wheel (170293)
*Garrett Compressor Housing O-Ring GZ-14-010
*Turbo Pedestal O-ring Kit GZ-9-003
* (Included with anti-surge compressor wheel)

Recommended Tools:

-Metric wrenches and sockets

Installation Instructions:

1) Remove the turbo charger using these instructions: 99.5-03 Turbo Charger R&R Instructions

2) Remove the Exhaust Back Pressure Valve (EBPV) from the turbine housing. (Fig 1)

3) Remove the wastegate E clip from the wastegate actuator rod end. (Fig 2)

4) Remove the nuts (2) holding the wastegate actuator onto the compressor housing using a 10 mm socket.

5) Remove the compressor housing bolts (5) using a 5/16” or 8 mm socket.

6) Remove the compressor housing from the turbo.

7) Using locking pliers, grab onto the turbine wheel hub securely too lock the turbo shaft to loosen the compressor wheel. (Fig 1)

8) Using a 16 mm wrench loosen the compressor wheel by turning counter-clockwise. Remove the wheel off of the shaft. (Fig 3)

9) Thread on the Anti Surge Compressor wheel onto the shaft. Tighten it down to 50-65 in-lb. Caution: Do not over tighten the compressor wheel onto the shaft! (Fig 4)

10) Reinstall the compressor housing. Use a new compressor housing o-ring (GZ-14-010). (Fig 4)

11) Install the bolts (5) and tighten evenly in a star pattern to 12 ft-lb.

12) Install the EBPV onto the turbine housing and install the bolts (7). Tighten to 30 ft-lb. (recommended to use high strength Loctite ® thread locker on the bolts)

13) Reinstall the turbo using the instructions listed in step 1.


Special thanks to Ken (Woodnthings on FTE) for pictures and instructions.

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