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Terminator T500 HPOP

2. July, 2012

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Tired of your 15º or worn out 17º pump? Need a little more volume for those new injectors?  This Terminator Modded T500 pump is what you need and won’t put a dent in your mod budget.

We ship you your pump with all new seals and orings, tested and ready to install.  Please indicate whether you are sending in a 15º or 17º and if it is out of a Super Duty or a OBS.  You can send yours in first if you would rather not pay the core charge. Be sure to include your pump fittings as they will be resealed and sent back with the pump.

Click Here for the HPOP Core sheet the must accompany your core return. If your core does not have the core sheet and/or the HPOP line fittings aren’t present then your core charge will be forfeited.

Installation Instructions Click Here

Warranty: 2 year

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