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Fuel Rail Crossover

2. July, 2012

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“The Prescription For Your Fuel System Needs®”

In stock, Same day shipping.

We are now shipping our 2nd Generation FRx System that utilizes Parker® 304 Stainless Steel Braided lines.

The FRx was made to solve the ‘deadhead’ fuel rail issue on the 99-03 Powerstroke engine by connecting the two heads and allowing a metered return you allow the air another return path, rather than forcing it through your injectors. This product was designed to eliminate the need to cut your return line and use compression fittings, so that it is a true bolt on system. We have also machined the FRx block to provide from stock to 72 psi of fuel pressure depending on which spring you choose to install it with. By using our kit and eliminating the air in the fuel system you will experience smoother, quieter idle, less cackle, and better throttle response among other things. You will also be increasing your injector life as well.

You can also select the option for protective covers to be installed to prevent chaffing of engine components but don’t want to provide your own. These covers are also great if you want to keep the system looking OE and not draw attention to it once installed. We are making this an option, and not stantard, because some people would rather have the SS braided look in their engine bay.


– FRx System
– 3 Springs for adjusting Fuel Pressure
– Viton O-ring
– Parker® Fuel Sleeve
– 2 screws
– Instructions

Techical Info:
– Exceeds SAE 100R14A
– Temperature Rated -100˚F to +450˚F
– Max. Working Pressure 3000 psi
– Minimum Burst Pressure 12000 psi

Fuel pressure spring settings

55-60 psi  silver spring
61-65 psi  gold spring
66-72 psi  black spring

Riffraff Diesel Performance is committed to 100% Made in the USA. All materials are from USA resources. Every machining step is performed in the USA. Every component is assembled in the USA.

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